Me: I live in NY

Every single person i tell this to: Oh cool, city or long island

>People who cant watch 13 episodes of animated Japanese teenagers doing things that Japanese teenagers do in Japan because its “boring”

>People who think there is a better way to spend 5 hours

Slice of life anime watcher master race


what if garbage was spelled like garbij

Nothing would change at all


those tumblr mutuals you rlly want to be friends with but are too cool for you

Delete ur blog if ur too much of a bitch to talk to a mutual


OMG… today at school I asked to use the bathroom because i HATE MATH CLASS!! and im wasting time and after 5 minutes of taking selfies and blogging on my tumblr blog my teacher walks into the bathroom and says “What are you doing?” And I accidentally said “None of your business, Cumberbitch!” and he stood there shocked but then he said “Who do you ship?” and now we follow each other on tumblr!



Reblog this post if ur hydrated! Like if u understand the importance of hydration.